tonhy corinda 13 steps to mentalism

Tony Corinda's book "13 Steps to Mentalism"

An all time favourite amongst those looking begin learning mentalism

Having decided to test myself at learning mentalism, I thought I would review this old time favourite amongst many….. 

Are you just beginning to learn mentalism?

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I bought 13 Steps to Mentalism early on whilst I began to learn mentalism and I absolutely loved it. It contains some great effects and routines that range from simple to the more advanced, however they are all very understandable for the beginner.

With an easy user experience in mind, Thirteen Steps to Mentalism was first written as 13 small books, essentially as mini courses in mentalism. The book was later re-written into 1 single resource (the encyclopaedia of mentalism) that quickly became synonymous amongst the magician and mentalism fraternity.

In my opinion, for a beginner such as myself, I found the book to cover a lot of the principles that need to be understood, to become serious about mentalism.

It could be argued that some particular effects are dated, they do indeed provide a foundation to learn the skill sets and guiding principles that all performing mentalists need to attain.

“Again you will have to try it to realise that anything so stupid can be so effective.”
― Corinda, 13 Steps to Mentalism

I find Tony Corinda's book to be a useful reference that I keep going back to.

A resource containing tonnes of effects, however layered into the 13 steps as we know them. This allows you to interpret them and present them in your own unique style.

Everything in this book…. the effects, the guidelines and the principles are fully explained in great detail.

So what exactly will you get out of thirteen steps to Mentalism?

Well it practically sets out the workings of almost every effects and props useful to any mentalist. The Swami gimmick, predictions, sound and muscle reading, billets, two person telepathy, mediumistic stunts, publicity stunts, patter & presentations and much, much more.

Overall, I totally love this book.

I enjoyed reading it whilst I was learning how to perform mentalism effects, and I still continue to read and reference this book from time to time.

I have learned an incredible amount from reading it, and it was definitely the most comprehensive resource I obtained whilst I was beginning to learn my craft.

I hope you take a little bit out of my review of this fascinating book. Feel free to leave some comments.

Take advantage of this invaluable resource that Tony Corinda has writen and learn the guiding principles to mind magic through the 13 steps to Mentalism