iCut Magic Trick Review

“Mind Blowing. Still can’t figure out exactly how he did it, but Im curious enough to want to learn more.”

Brad Reagon

I’ve got some cool stuff for you today…
There’s a brand new effect coming out soon and to celebrate he’s just filmed this FREE trick for me to share with you.
Check it out HERE
It’s a cool card prediction using your earphones that you’ll be able to learn within 5 mins!

“Very different to your every day magic trick. I sometimes am sceptical of this type of street magic, but hey I was impressed with this one.”

Roger Bradbury

To celebrate the release of the newest magic trick – iCut – up to $100 worth of magic trick prizes are up for grabs. Here’s what you could WIN…
Prize #1: Octopalm: Anit-Gravity Gel (Special Putty)
Prize #2: Benz by Sean Fields (Coin Bend)
Prize #3: Static bby Dan & Dave Buck (Card Trick)
Prize #4: Anti-Faro by Christian Engblom (Card Control)
Prize #5: 3 x NOC V3s Deck (special deck)
Prize #6: No 17 Deck (custom deck)
To See The All Videos Click HERE
That’s 6 prizes you could have a chance to WIN just by grabbing yourself this awesome new effect… and if that’s not good enough these guys are also giving you a MASSIVE DISCOUNT off the normal price… but only until for a limited time.
That’s not long, so make sure you claim your special offer and FREE prizes before they take down the page.

How To Take ANY Pair Of Earphones… 

Cut Them In Half & Restore Them INSTANTLY 
Using a BORROWED pair of headphones that your spectator can cut!
  • Live Performances
  • – Step By Step Explanations
  • – 3 Alternate Methods
  • – Extra Tips
  • Headphones Through Thumb – FREE
  • Headphones Through Neck – FREE
  • Torn & Restored Earbud – FREE
  • Download My Video
    Since the released iCut, they’ve had a bunch of people claim their discount and enter into the prize draw. If you still haven’t got your copy… no need to worry. You still have a few days left. Just don’t get it too late!
    A few people have asked a few questions so here’s the answers…
    Q1: Is iCut easy to learn?
    Yes. They go through the explanation step by step in every detail and the actual secret requires little sleight of hand because of the gimmick you’ll be using
    Q2: Do you need sleight of hand?
    A little. There’s only one simple move you have to do and the rest takes care of itself. And you can repeat this anytime with new people.
    Q3: What exactly do you get in the iCut download?
    When you purchase iCut you’ll get 4 major things:
    1. The iCut Download
    – Live Performances, Step By Step Explanation, 3 Alternative Versions & Extra Tips
    2. The iCut Bonuses
    – Earphones Through Thumb, Earphones Through Neck, Torn and Restored Earbud
    3. The iCut Special Bonus
    – iShot Explanation
    4. Prize Draw Entry
    – 1 Entry to Win Magic Tricks Prizes
    Valued at $64.75+ the prizes is a very cool deal for under 20 BUCKS!
    But hurry… this won’t be available for long. Ends very very soon!
    Claim your copy now

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