With this amazing, easy card trick, you will show your audience a card on the top of your deck of cards.

Then after placing the card into the middle of the deck, magically with a shake of your hand, the card re-appears back

to the top

easy card trick

How is it performed?

 For this explanation we will go with the Queen of Clubs.

Take any card and place it on top of the Queen of Clubs at the top of your deck. ( We will call this the Six of Diamonds) The Queen of Clubs is now the second card from the top on the deck.

Use the tip of your pinky finger to make a break between the top two cards and the rest of your deck.

Now pick up the two cards as one and show your audience. They will think you are only holding the one card, the Queen of Clubs

Place both cards back on top of the deck

Take the top card (which is the Six of Diamonds) and place it anywhere within the deck

Give the deck of cards a magical shake and reveal that the Queen of Clubs has magically re-appeared at the top of the deck again

View this easy card trick below.