Mentalism Tricks Revealed For Beginners

How to do mentalism and influence the thoughts and actions of other individuals, without them even knowing

Mentalism tricks are one form of home entertainment enjoyed by lots of people from all strolls of life. It is something that will certainly never cease to astonish people both old and young.

It would be a great advantage to know the different types of magic and mind reading techniques prior to carrying out any if one desires to end up being an excellent magician.


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Video Tutorials Of The Most Fascinating Easy Mentalism Tricks For Beginners.



Mentalism tricks are done in a variety of methods and fall under different types;

The very first one is called close up magic. It involves making people believe in one thing but doing something else. This kind of trick shows that the hand is faster than the eye. Typically these are card tricks or easy mind reading magic.

The next type is called platform magic. Similar to the first where you are attempting to fool your audience into thinking something amazing or quite bizarre is happening but you are in fact doing something completely different.

Some techniques of this type that are widely known consist of creating the illusions of cutting an individual that is inside a box in half or making an individual who’s lying down levitate in the air after the table below has been eliminated. Chris Angel performs this trick that will absolutely astonish you.

The 3rd type, which is extremely difficult, is called phase magic. Such performances are done rather rarely however when performed, they can end up being one excellent magic extravaganza. Such type consists of making the statuary of liberty disappear or walking through the Great Wall of China.

Many magic tricks and technique tutorials make it possible for a lot of people to discover how to become fantastic mentalists. You can find mentalism tricks revealed by purchasing a tutorial set or checking out a book. Many of these people started while at home, viewing how other individuals do it.

Other people who have some prior experience have talked with others and discovered a trick or more. One can begin easy mind reading magic with a little audience then have a bigger one later. To those who wish to do even more extreme magic, one should invest more into the trade, learn from others then make a mark to be genuinely called a magician or more specifically a mentalist.

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mentalism tricks revealed


1. Professors Nightmare


This mentalism trick is based on the famous rope trick that relies on a specific technique.

In the trick three different lengths of rope are used. They are then made to give the illusion of being all the same length. After that they are then returned to their original length.

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2. The Balducci Levitation

Now with this easy mentalism trick, the performer raises his arms up by his sides and then slowly appears to float a small distance off the ground.

Levitation style mentalism tricks are one of the most fascinating types of illusions that can be performed. These types of performances never cease to amaze people.

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3. Easy Mind Reading Trick

This video shows how an easy mind reading mentalism trick is explained.

Its absolutely amazing and it will have your audience wondering how it is you can perform it so well every time.

The performer gives the illusion he can read the minds of an audience by correctly choosing the colour of the back of the chosen card.

It all comes down to the cards and the system in which they are held.

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4. Spoon Bending

You ask spectators from your audience to hold a spoon so they can examine them. You then use the power of your mind to bend the spoon.

The illusion is performed on an already bent spoon that was bent whilst your audience was distracted during the time they were examining their own spoon.

Watch this video to learn how this easy mentalism trick is revealed.

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 The art of Mentalism is more than just responding to a particular situation or having a plan to get your desired outcome. It can be considered to have the ability to be fluid when responding to a fluid environment. It is imperative you know your desired goal, you must know yourself well, you must have a connection with your environment, and you must know the people you influence in every possible way.

The trick to it all, is being able to perform all of that whilst appearing to be like everyone else around.

Your ambitions may vary considerably to the next person, however you should consider remaining socially ethical whilst performing mentalism tricks.

The mentalism tricks revealed here will have provided a platform for you to build off whilst learning how to do mentalism.