6 Mentalist Attributes You Must Know

To many, a mentalist is an individual who appears to have extraordinary supernatural powers in diving the absolute truth about individuals as well as uncovering many facts about a persons life.

Here we uncover some of the unique mentalist attributes that all beginner performers need to acquire

mentalist attributes

A mentalist must be excellent at decoding, posses supreme observational skills, and have a highly developed ability to observed the most minuet details.

Many people from criminal profilers to magicians, use mentalism tactics and a working knowledge of psychology to interpret human behaviour. Generally mentalists can not only seek out attention, but they can also entertain just about anybody.

Learn some of the basic mentalist attributes that the best performers posses.

Finding out the lies

Part of being a mentalist is about trusting your intuition whilst making basic observations of the person.

This is quite effective as most people don’t sense what your up to.

Example being, the person could have soft hands, not toned, reasonably dressed and a slight tan line on the left ring finger. This could give clues as to the persons background.

Look out for physical clues

A mentalist will look to stir memories which causes the tell tales to appear. They will assist you to observe what the mind knows but the person is unwilling to come forth with.

The brain records everything, and as such the information is there.

Tell tales include:

  • Dilation or constriction of the pupil of the eye. (Dilation is associated with positive emotion and constriction with negative)
  • Where the person gazes.
  • Rate of respiration
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Relative perspiration of the body

Ask some leading questions

Perhaps one of the more important mentalist attributes, Persuading people is all part and parcel of being a mentalist. If a person is given evidence that you can read their mind, they become easily confused between telepathy and observation and/or persuasion.

A simple yet effective way to achieve this, is to ask leading questions.

  • First you might like to start with something very vague, as in “Im sensing something young- perhaps something 20″ until someone comes out and latches on.
  • You then might say” You were very close to this person weren’t you? They will answer further filling in the pieces.
  • You can then start to get a bit more specific and keep working to wards them filling in the gaps, all along they are sensing they are being understood.

Convince Others

Memorising a baseline of behaviour patterns by people you deal with, will assist in reading how people react under certain circumstances.

Since people are different you will be a lot more effective with your readings if you have a baseline of reactions to begin with.

Be confident

99% of getting people to believe and or agree with you is confidence. (no statistical evidence verified).

Think of the last salesperson you were engaged with.

Were they confident in dealing with you? Did you pick up on the confidence or lack of?

Did this salespersons confidence convince you into purchasing the product or service?

If your nervous about professing your mentalist ways, then you will struggle to sell yourself. People are not looking for the most accurate information, however they are looking to be convinced.

Plant ideas

Planting ideas into someones head, can give the perception that you are reading someones mind. A mentalist attribute that all performers need to be competent with.

Lets say you want to get someone to think of a particular object within view.

You would

  • Insert that particular object into the conversation beforehand, whilst glancing at this particular object
  • Keep casually glancing at this particular object whilst further repeating the name of the object in your conversation
  • You would then ask them to think of something related to the particular particular object

Read and study famous mentalists

Take a read of the many books on interviewing people and interpreting even the most slightest facial expression, body tell-tales, and mind manipulation

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