4 Best Mentalism Books

The top mentalism books for beginners!

Imagine being able to learn the art of mind reading!

Imagine being able to move objects the power of your mind alone!


Join the world of mentalism by indulging in some of the best mentalism books for beginners.

With some easy yet effective techniques, you will soon be able to convince people that you hold this incredible ability to mystical thought, predict the future and control objects around you.

The Amatuer Magicians Handbook

This fourth edition lavishly illustrated classic handbook for beginners is designed to help magicians of all levels. Hone your skills and develop new and exciting illusions to baffle the minds of your audience

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Practical Mental Magic

Get ready to thrill and blow the minds of your audience. This fantastic book will take you from beginner to mastering the world of mentalism.

In this edition, Theodore Annemann through his own performances reveals the secrets behind hundreds of fascinating feats of mind magic.

The extensive knowledge and experience of Theodore are at your fingertips in this comprehensive resource.

Practical Mental Magic by Theodere Annemann - Book


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13 Steps To Mentalism

Considered by many the “bible” for mentalists from all over the world interested in mind magic tricks, this book written by Tony Corinda is probably the single core reference for beginning to learn mind reading tricks.

This book will teach you not only a range of fascinating mind magic tricks, but also the skills of presenting and performing you need to extract the best from your performance.

13 Steps to Mentalism - By Corinda - Book


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The Mentalists 9 Steps to Influence

Written by world renowned mentalist Ehud Segev, “The Mentalist 9 steps to influence” is the only book that reveals the secret techniques that mentalists use to influence and manipulate people.

A perfect book for the beginner this mentalism book is comprehensive and thorough, guiding you through the principles of taking advantage of the power of mentalism in 9 easy steps. By following and practicing these 9 steps you’ll have the power to influence everyone around you and change your life for the better. Imagine what you could do if every detail, every word, every gesture, every subtle hint that was ever presented before you, would not go unnoticed by your keen, all-seeing senses! Have you ever wanted to be considered extraordinary? Have you ever wanted to have the sense of self which would make you comfortable with everything around you? What would you do if you had the power to READ people and know what they are thinking and feeling? What would you do if you could use this knowledge – just like Patrick Jane from the successful TV show “THE MENTALIST” – in order to influence others and succeed in everything you do? If you’d like to learn the mentalist secrets and understand how a mentalist uses his powers to READ people and INFLUENCE them, this is the book for you!

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